Our attorneys offer effective and affordable bankruptcy representation in chapter 7, chapter 13, and chapter 11. We can…

  • Stop foreclosures, garnishments, and tax levies
  • Retrieve repossessed vehicles
  • Halt harassing telephone calls and threatening collection letters
  • Eliminate medical and credit card debt
  • Obtain a discharge of old tax debt from the IRS or the state

We can give you the fresh start under bankruptcy you deserve and offer reasonable payment plans based on your financial circumstances.

Personal Bankruptcy:
As an individual, you may need to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy to seek a discharge of all or most debts. Or you may need to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to make monthly installments through a confirmed plan for delinquent mortgage, vehicle, or tax debt. Or, if your debts are extremely large and complex, you may need to file an individual chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Business Bankruptcy:
As a business, you may need to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy to ensure an orderly liquidation of your assets. Or, to reorganize your business, you may need to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy.

For Lenders:
Whether you need to obtain relief from the automatic stay to recover collateral or an exception from discharge for fraudulently obtained credit, we can represent your interests in bankruptcy court.