Social Security Disability

Applying for benefits can be a frustrating experience for almost anyone. It’s also complicated by the fact that most people who apply for benefits get turned down at first. The main reasons? Lack of proper evidence and/or technical issues. However, many people whose claims are initially denied are able to appeal and win approval with the assistance of an attorney to help them navigate the complexities. The good news? We only get paid if we help you get your disability benefits.

We want to help you get your social security disability or supplemental security income benefits. We’re here to:

  • Guide you through this complicated process
  • Communicate with the Social Security Administration and related agencies
  • Contact your doctors and hospitals for medical records
  • File your social security disability appeals
  • Appear before an Administrative Law Judge when required
  • Meet with or call you regularly, and assist you at every stage of the process

Don’t give up. We’re here to help.